Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Heading out . . . and back again!

About the boat
Note from Jackie: sailors reading this may want to know a little about the yacht and her equipment - thanks Dave Underhill for suggesting it. This is as much as I've been able to glean so far and I will add to the list if any more information is forthcoming:
  • the boat's name is Espirit de la Mer
  • she is a 41ft Beneteau
  • gizmos include wind and water generator, air conditioning, Raymarine navigation system, satellite telephone, washing machine and a life raft (when it eventually gets serviced).
Monday, 21st January
Slept really well last night but woke up at about 0600hrs. Now sitting up in my cabin reading my updated blog, which arrived during the night, and starting today's notes.
1000hrs: Chris phoned regarding the life raft. Still no news - to ring back at 1400hrs.
Readied the boat to move out of Coral Cove Marina. Couldn't unplug shore supply cable from stern socket of boat. Didn't want to risk damaging it so asked Chris to see if he could do it. After a lot of muttering he pulled it free but it may be damaged.

Headed off to Chacachacare Island, the most westerly of Trinidad's off-lying islands. Mainsail up but not really enough wind so motor-sailed in flat calm conditions. Joined by two dolphins who swim under our bow for a while.-
A dolphin rides the bow wave.

The island was a leper colony until about 1960. Anchored up in Sanders Bay and rowed ashore in dinghy to look at remains of abandoned village. Back to boat for cheese, tomato and onion sarnies for lunch. Headed back to mainland as we couldn't get a phone signal for Chris to chase up life raft. Full main sail and inner gib but wind was very fickle, constantly changing direction and strength.

Anchored in Scotland Bay (west end of Trinidad island) - beautiful and very tranquil apart from two powerboats with loud stereo systems. They eventually left at 1800hrs. Donned mask,fins and snorkel and swam ashore. Saw several small jellyfish (like light bulbs) and a number of different types of small fish.

Chris cooked spaghetti bog for dinner.

View of Espirit de la Mer from Scotsman's bay

 Mike snorkeling - it looks vaguely like him, but isn't he pale!
Tuesday, 22nd January
Spent very peaceful night at anchor. Up at 0730hrs for breakfast then up anchor and motored back to Chagauramas for some more stocks and a final(?) attempt to find out what is happening with the life-raft. Picked up visitor mooring and went ashore to for some shopping. Called at Peakes' Boat Yard to use Internet cafe, forgetting that all electric power was off in the area today. Returned to the boat and spent the rest of the morning reading on board.

Made chicken and tomato sarnies for lunch then went ashore to Coral Cove for a swim in their pool. Pool closed for maintenance and still no Internet server connection. Managed to get into shower block and had much needed shower. Back to boat, and at last we seem to have a decision on the life raft. It is going to take a week to get parts, put it together again and deliver it and it will cost Chris nearly as much as he paid for it new. It looks as if we are going to
  • book out with customs tomorrow morning
  • sail around the top of Trinidad and put into a sheltered cove on the north coast for the night
  • sail over to Tobago on Thursday
  • spend the weekend there
  • come back here beginning of next week to pick up life raft then
  • head off north to Grenada and beyond. 
Plan B? . . . . .

Assuming we stick to the latest plan -whatever that is - it may be some time before I can make contact again as I don't know where on Tobago we will be or whether there will be Internet access there.
1700hrs rowed ashore to Peakes' Boat Yard to send e-mails.
Mike preparing to go ashore.
Mike on board Espirit de la Mer.
Chris at the wheel, silhouetted against the sun.
A hazy view of the Venezuelan skyline, seen from the deck of the yacht.


  1. Great photos. Hope you get the liferaft fixed.

  2. Thanks for reading, wobbly! Keep in touch. J